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Omega Releases Contemporary Classic Watches To Welcome Sochi Winter Olympics

Omega Museum series adds important watch models-In order to meet the upcoming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Omega launched the Sochi Petrograd watch.

 Omega launched the Sochi Petrograd limited edition watch in honor of an outstanding Russian leader in 1915. Drawing inspiration from the Omega Museum collection, this model showcases outstanding designs that are still unique over a century and pays tribute to the host country of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

 One of the most fascinating features of this timepiece is the polished barrel in 18k yellow gold in the shape of a “cask”. This design recreates the inspiration of the classic style with a striking burgundy leather strap and an 18k yellow gold watch. buckle.

 The dial design combines the iconic red, white, and blue colors on the Russian flag: a silver-white dial, a red 24-hour scale, and blue steel polished central hour and minute hands. At 6 o’clock on the dial, the black small dial with blue steel seconds hand also contrasts with the black 12-hour scale.

 Another striking feature is the 18k yellow gold back of this Sochi Petrograd watch engraved with ‘Sochi 2014’ (the Sochi 2014 Olympic emblem) and a limited number. This Sochi Petrograd watch will be produced in a limited edition of just 100 pieces.
 The Omega 2202 coaxial escapement movement powers this monumental timepiece. The watch is carried in a special gift box and is guaranteed for three years of after-sales service. The Omega Sochi Petrograd limited edition watch is water resistant to 30 atmospheres (30 meters / 100 feet).

The Exclusive Appearance Of The Appointment Series Jade Watch Perfectly Pays Tribute To Asian Women

Baume & Mercier listened to the voice of women and exclusively announced the new series of watches in the “Watches and Miracles” Asian High-end Watch Fair, embellished with emeralds and diamonds, with a symbolic significance, once again showing the brand and The indissoluble bond of Asian culture. This precious watch is the perfect testimony to adoring eternal love and making eternal promises. Watches are not only lucky charms, they are also a great gift for extraordinary women who commemorate unforgettable moments.

Zhenmei Jade, Persistent Commitment: Gift of True Love
   In ancient rumors of Asia, jadeite enjoys the reputation of blessing and asylum. The green halo is warm and touching, bringing long-term good luck to the wearer. It is not only a precious jade, but also a lucky charm with mysterious magic power. It carries eternal moments and is worth passing down from generation to generation. In ancient times, the elders of the family presented newborns and newlyweds with emeralds, wishing for well-being and happiness. As a symbol of ancient Chinese emperors, rare jadeite embodies the meaning of eternal wealth and family heritage. Today, Baume & Mercier watches use jadeite as the theme of the new watch series, exclusively appearing at the 2015 “Watches and Miracles” Asia’s Fine Watch Fair. With the new appointment series jadeite watch, Baume & Mercier pays tribute to the essence of traditional Asian culture, and regards it as a symbol of unswerving love and long-term agreement, creating a perfect gift for the beloved woman and expressing deep emotions. The oval jade bezel is set with 61 brilliant diamonds, which dazzles. The appointment series jade watch is unique, not only a gorgeous accessory, but also a guardian of the person wearing it. Precious and delicate, this watch is feminine and feminine. It deserves to be passed on from mother to daughter for generations. With the wrist, the watch will always keep the wearer healthy, rich and happy. This limited edition jadeite watch is limited to 8 pieces, showing the extraordinary fine watchmaking skills of Baume & Mercier 185.
Precious watch pays tribute to elegant women
   The appointment series jade watch is dazzling and fashionable, blooming a unique beautiful brilliance. This timepiece is timeless and elegant, inheriting the brand’s century-old women’s watch style. The shape is distinctive, the lines are delicate and flexible, and the oval bezel is matched with the round case, just like the crystal drops on the dial. The appointment series jade watch exclusively appeared at the 2015 “Clocks and Miracles” Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, paying tribute to the essence of Asian traditional culture, and the oval bezel created by jade was dazzling. 61 diamonds (total weight 0.65 carats) shine. The exquisite and elegant case with a diameter of 34 mm is extremely feminine, and is a perfect companion to witness unforgettable moments in life; the silver dial is decorated with draping, with Roman numerals and 8 brilliant diamonds. This watch features a Swiss-made quartz movement, a wear-resistant sapphire crystal case back, and a bright white alligator leather strap. The caseback is engraved with ‘Limited Edition-One out of 8’. The ultimate timepiece, designed for extraordinary women.

Retro Oris Big Crown Analog Date Watch

Oris ORIS has a close relationship with aviation. The brand was founded in 1904 at the same time as the aviation industry had just begun to flourish. Subsequently, the first flying watch was launched in 1917, following the same clever mechanism as a pocket watch. The time must be adjusted by pressing the handle at 2 o’clock at the same time. The Big Crown, which debuted in 1938, has an oversized crown that allows pilots wearing gloves to quickly and easily adjust the watch’s time. To date, ORIS ‘flight collection has become one of the watches trusted by pilots worldwide.

New Big Crown analog date watch inspired by the colored keyboard in Le Corbusier’s book

The Big Crown analog date watch is not just a milestone for ORIS ‘innovative high-performance watches. In the 1980s, it led ORIS back to the path of purely mechanical watches, becoming an important watershed for the brand, weathering the quartz crisis and finding the eternal value of mechanical watchmaking. With its streamlined round case and tapered lugs, coin-shaped bezels, large crown, clear functional dial, and ORIS’s most famous design-the central hand to indicate the date, it has become a brand watch series The most iconic work of all.

The watch has a slimmer outline and curved sapphire crystal, which adds a contemporary element to the retro feel.

The new Big Crown analog date watch continues this legendary story and creates a forward-looking sense of fashion. The designers redesigned the case to be slimmer, more streamlined and more seamless, making it elegantly fit the wrist. The new watch uses a modern curved sapphire crystal material, which not only enhances the retro beauty of the watch, but also gives it the latest feel.

The watch has a quick release system for the strap, and the wearer can change the strap by himself (however, the stainless steel chain strap must still be sent to the store for assistance)

The new watches are available in either 36 mm or 40 mm cases. Both use the iconic dial design, equipped with prototype Arabic numerals, and the pointer-type date really points to the scale circle around the dial to display the minutes. With a variety of faceplate colors to choose from, ORIS designers have inspired the colored keyboard in Le Corbusier’s book, the 36mm model with a light green faceplate and the 40mm model with a gray-blue faceplate. Both give the watch a younger sense of metropolis. Also available in black faceplate.

Big Crown analog date watch

Stainless steel material / 754 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 36mm

Big Crown analog date watch

Stainless steel material / 754 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 40mm

Exquisite Craftsmanship Real Shot Fiyta Ruyi Double Carp Fine Carving Collection Watch

Metal micro-carving, with a long history, has created rare and fine art works with exquisite techniques, which is a unique gem in traditional Chinese art. Fiyta has always been pursuing the perfect artistic conception and ingenious skills. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2017, the brand launched the Art Series Ruyi Double Carp Subtle Carving Collection (model: GA886011.PQB).
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:

   The sculptors used Chinese harmony and gossip as inspiration for their designs, and used the meaning of ‘harmony’ in the mean to carve a vivid picture of the golden carp passing through. The two beautiful golden carps leaped up from the paper, and the clear ripples were agitated, such as the lingering evening breeze stroking the strings of Yuyu, and wrinkling a pool of lotus.

   The double-height design and the special old-fashioned treatment present a dynamic three-dimensional sense, making the entire work a flawless picture from any angle. The entire artwork has bred a vast universe of mysteries, conveying auspicious meanings, and at the same time made viewers have to awe the magic of this world.

   The slim 18K rose gold case is exquisite and luxurious, exuding glamorous luster. The unique connection between the case and the strap makes the whole watch smooth and round. The pumpkin-shaped crown, set with natural diamonds, is distinguished and elegant.

   The self-contained reading angle is different from the traditional minute and second hands. This art treasure reads the time through the turquoise beads that rotate on the scale track. Artwork.

   Equipped with self-reformed movement, accurate travel time. With a black leather strap and 18K rose gold horseshoe buckle, it’s soft and comfortable, and it fits lightly on the wrist.

   The above content is the information related to the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports. Everyone pays attention.
2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Coverage